Letters, letters, letters!

There is just something about getting a letter in the mail!  It is the best surprise ever!  We have received three letters in the past seven days.  I am not the only one who likes getting "snail mail."  Elder Munson LOVES getting mail.  Email is great, but it just isn't the same as opening your mailbox and finding a letter you weren't expecting.  Here are a few parts of his recent letters...

July 15, 2013

  It has been freaking hot here since I've been here.  At nearly 90 degrees, plus humidity.  It makes for a lot of sweat when you're in a shirt and tie and slacks all day.  Every day when we return to the flat, I just feel like passing out.  It's hard work out here.  The days are long.  But, when it's night, Elder Yu provides nice comic relief.
  England really is beautiful.  I love it.  And, I definitely want to come back someday!
  P day has been nice.  But, it has gone a lot faster than the other days.  A man named Dave, from the ward, took us food shopping today because he has a Costco card.  That was nice of him.  We have a lesson planned with a less active family later tonight.  I hope it goes well.
  Everyone told me the first month or two in the field is the hardest.  And, I hope they're right because along with learning a ton and having good experiences, comes a lot of homesickness and times of frustration.  I know I can talk to the Lord, and I do.  I am so blessed to be able to be here, and I can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of my mission.
  I love and miss you all!

July 19, 2013

  Ah!  I got my package today while Elder Buglass and I were having lunch at the flat.  I got so excited!  I love getting mail!  I loved everyone's letters!  Thank you so much!  I love hearing how Tanner and Peyton are doing, and Elder Buglass got a kick out of Mom's card!  Getting mail, of any sort, is so exciting!
  It has continued to be SO hot and humid here in Southampton!  I sweat like crazy.  My face is getting quite dark though from being in the sun all day.
  Things are going well.  Yesterday, we did service for an investigator named S___!  And, tomorrow we are teaching a brand new investigator and his family.
  Street contacting is fun.  Elder Yu is teaching me a lot of Chinese, so I say hello to all the Chinese people here.  And, trust me, there are a ton!  Gall, my Mandarin is already better than my English accent.  So dumb!
  Anyway, thanks again so much for the package.  It really means a lot.  I miss you all so much!
  I love you, Mom, Dad, Tanner, and Peyton!

July 23, 2013

  First of all, Dad, thanks for the postcard from Connecticut!  I think that's a great idea.  I got it yesterday.  Also, thanks so much for the envelope full of stuff that's going on back home!  I got it today and I think that's such a good idea as well.  I loved it!  That's so awesome that PG is getting attention and got some votes to be close to the top five.
  Anyway, yesterday was P day.  We went to the library to email.  Then, we went to the town center, or the shopping centre.  Elder Buglass showed me some stores I might like...and, holy cow!  England shopping and fashion is unreal!
  We also went grocery shopping and then just relaxed in the flat for a few hours until we went to meet with S___, one of our investigators.
  It was a good day.  Right now, it's our lunch hour so we have a little time to eat and whatnot.
  Oh, and Mom, I forgot to thank you for the tie in the package!  You can never have enough ties!  Ha!  I wore it yesterday.
  Today, there is finally some cloud cover and it's not freaking hot.  I'm not sticky and sweaty for the first time!  Yay!  :)
  I'm going to make some eggs on toast now.  Just wanted to thank you all and say I love you.  Getting mail is like the greatest feeling ever.  I love you and miss you!  I hope all is well!

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