Pretty exciting, huh?

Last Thursday, I received a call from our bank notifying us that Skyler's Visa debit card had been compromised.  Charges were being attempted from all around the world - Saudi Arabia, Spain, England, USA.  Thankfully, our bank caught the fraud, denied all of the charges (the attempts were for very large sums, and that account only has the bare minimum "emergency fund" recommended for missionaries), but had to cancel the card.  I was able to work things out with our bank, but he will be without a personal debit card for a while.  It shouldn't be too big of a deal.  So, unfortunately, this week's email from Elder Munson mostly consisted of answering questions about activity on his account and verifying where he had used the card (because I suspect the fraud is a result of him using it in England).  He only used his personal debit card for a few things because there was a problem with his mission issued debit card!  Ah!  But, he said he thinks all of that is worked out now, too.

He sounded a little disheartened that they haven't had more teaching opportunities and said that people don't seem to want to talk to the missionaries and aren't interested in religion.  He didn't sound too discouraged, just disappointed.  

Other than that, it was pretty much "housekeeping" dialogue:  he seems to have everything he needs, he loves the blanket Grandma and Grandpa gave him, his electric razor broke, and, like I mentioned before, all of the banking issues.  Pretty exciting, huh?  He did send two new pictures.  

"Elder Yu and I walking to Ward Council yesterday."

I'm not sure about his face in this one! ;)

It really is a small world after all...especially in the LDS Church!  It seems extremely small when you factor in technology and the conveniences it provides.  I joined a Missionary Mom email group shortly after Skyler received his call.  I have loved trading emails with other mothers whose sons are serving in the UK.  A few members of the group live in England.  One of the moms, Julie, responded when I sent out an email about Elder Munson's first area.  She has a friend who lives in Southampton, and, as luck would have it, Julie's friend fed the Elders on Sunday.  When I got home from our Church meetings yesterday, I found an email and picture in my inbox.  This is Elder Munson and Elder Buglass at their dinner appointment yesterday!  How cool is that?!?!  I miss my boy.

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  1. It's fun to see him learning and growing. We understand that missionary work is challenging. It's true that people don't want to talk religion. It's the same in Australia. But there are lots of successes, too. Hang in there, it will be rewarding, no matter what the harvest. Love from the Feils Down Under.