2 Fast Sundays Down, 22 To Go!

August 5, 2013

It was a good week! Elder Buglass was sick Wednesday and Thursday. So, besides going to district meeting on Wednesday, we didn't leave the flat for those two days. I started reading "Our Search for Happiness" from the missionary reference library on Monday.. and I finished it Thursday evening! It was a good book! I liked it a lot and learned a ton from it. 

I had the opportunity this week to give 3 blessings! It was incredible. The most powerful of which was the one Elder Buglass and I gave to S____, who has been having lots of joint pains lately which makes it hard for her to do things. She really felt the Spirit and she is coming much closer to being baptized I believe. 

On Friday, Elder Buglass and I did a Work Over with the Zone Leaders. That's where the Zone Leaders come in to our area and we split up to be able to work multiple areas in Southampton. I LOVE both of our Zone Leaders. One is Elder George, from California. He is incredible and super funny. The other is Elder Fingerle. He is from Germany, and he is like the coolest German you'll ever meet. I got to work with Elder Fingerle. We were walking on the street, stopping everyone, and one guy walked by and said, 'good afternoon elders' and we said hello and he said, 'would you like to go to my home and talk about God?' Elder Fingerle looked at each other, then looked at him and said 'sure why not?' So, we went to this man's home, his name is B____. When we got there, his wife and two year old son were there and we sat down and said we would like to start off with a prayer, and immediately his wife snapped at us, 'NO! That wouldn't be appropriate.' Right then... Elder Fingerle and I felt so much tension and we knew what we had gotten ourselves in to. So, B____ offered his own prayer and immediately got to business. He started throwing biblical history and scriptures and us, and all this bull crap about the origins of the bible and about Constantine and Plato and all this rubbish that was irrelevant. We got in to the most intense Bible bash. Bruce R. McConkie said, "We do NOT bash, we do NOT bash, we do NOT bash!... but when we bash, we WIN!" Haha such a great quote. So, B____, we found out after we had left, is an Evangelist. And, while they do have their own faith and beliefs, they also study very hard to disprove other religions, which is bogus. But whatever. It was my first Bible bash and it probably won't be my last. 

On Saturday morning, Elder Buglass and I were out doing some street contacting, and I saw this tall black guy walk out of a flat complex. I slowed my walk and waited for him to reach the side walk where we were and I shook his hand and started talking to him while walking in the same direction. I started asking him if he had ever seen missionaries like us or ever met with them or anything, and he said he hadn't. So, I started talking to him and telling him all about us and he was so interested that he stopped me before we crossed the street and said to teach him right now and that he had time. So, haha, we did. He has been Christian all his life. For the past few years, he has been attending mostly Catholic churches though. He had so many questions. And, every question he asked, the Spirit answered through me, and he would just smile and laugh and nod and shake his head in disbelief that this is actually what we believe and teach in our church. He expressed that he has been having a lot of problems with the Catholic church and with some of the beliefs, but he was so happy that we believed what we did on certain points. So, I gave him a Book of Mormon which he was excited to start reading. And, then, we found out he lives in Ghana and is only here for a few weeks! But, oh well. We planted the seed that can do countless things in the end! We will meet with him next week again before he heads back home. :) I can't wait!

Gall, I love this work!

I love and miss you all so much! I can feel of your prayers and I hope you know I pray for you all too!   2 Fast Sundays down! 22 to go!

I love you!

Love, Elder Munson

"Ward member named Blessing.  He is 14.  He's from South Africa and we're like best friends."

"At McDonald's in England for the first time!  Not that different surprisingly!"

"Us, this morning on our way to the library."

"On our way to do service for S____, we passed by the OLD cemetery in Southampton.  The other cemetery is the new cemetery I guess.  This cemetery has headstones from before the Church was even organized and has some of the Titanic crew members buried in it!"

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