Dear Family

August 5, 2013 (letter)

Dear Family,

  I hope all is well!  I see that there is a lot going on at home.  School is starting soon.  I can't believe that!
  Dad, I got your letter today that had all those cool sayings and stories and such!  That was a cool article about Weber State.  Both of them actually.
  Mum, thanks for all of the Conference talks.  I got them all throughout last week!
  It's hard knowing what to say in letters after sending an email!
  Oh!  After emailing, we went grocery shopping and on our way home, carrying all of our grocery bags, it started POURING rain!  Ha!  It was crazy!  It was the first hard rain I've experienced here.
  I also got a letter today from Grandma and Grandpa!  And one from Bailee Cook as well.  Getting letters is the greatest feeling ever, besides the Spirit.
  I think about you guys all the time!  It is crazy I've been away from home for over a month!  That seems like so long!
  This Thursday and Friday, I get to do an exchange and the district leader, Elder Mannucci from Italy, is going to come to Southampton to work with me!  I'm excited!  I like him a lot.
  I love you all!  And, I miss you!

Elder Munson

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