Only two more P-days until Christmas!

Email - December 2, 2013

This last week was alright. R____, the guy that we had a b-date with has not answered the phone or called us back in over a week. He was progressing so well and everything. But for about 11 days now it's been nothing. So I don't know what is happening there.

But, Elder Bognár and I have been working really hard this week to get new investigators and we did pretty well! We really need a teaching pool and this week we gained 5 new investigators. So, I'm looking forward to working with them all next week!

We had zone conference on Wednesday. And that was good! Elder Texeira of the Seventy spoke and it was really good. He did kinda a training seminar on how to be a successful missionary. It was great.

Thanksgiving was good. As good as it gets in England probably. It was nice to have proper Thanksgiving food and everything. It was so nice of Sister Oliviera to have us all over.

There are so many things that I am thankful for. I would never have enough time to write out a long enough email. I'm so thankful for my family! I really missed everyone this week. This week especially Grandma and Grandpa. Because it's usually spent at their home and they sent me a package this week. Which was very nice of them. They are the best Grandparents anyone could ever ask for. I'm so grateful for Mum and Dad as well! and all the love and support I've had throughout the years. I'm also so thankful for Tanner and Peyton! and I love them so much! I'm so proud of Tanner for getting his Eagle done. That's awesome. I'm also SO thankful for my friends. I think its no secret to anyone that my friends are so important to me and I have so many good friends that have been such good examples to me over the years. I've been so blessed in this life and I have realized it more and more the longer I have been out here. Missionary work is amazing! and I'm thankful for it as well! I just can't believe how fast it is all going!

I love you all! and I miss you all loads! I hope you have a great week! You're right! Only two more p-days until Christmas basically! So crazy! Ah, I love the holidays!

Thanks for everything!

Love, Elder Munson

"We played Monopoly for P day last week.  So fun!" 

"The final.  The right is my monopoly and all of my money...and, that was all she wrote!
I dominated!  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Unrighteous desires..." 

"The flat mates!"

"Just me and Elder Ocando."

"Picture we have hanging in the flat. Cain being Bigfoot has been an argument and a topic in the flat for like the last two weeks! So funny. We cut out Christmas clothes for him until after Christmas."

"Ella's little brothers.  They had Viking hats and I had to get a picture with them!

"Ella is moving back to America :(  She ran up to me after church and hugged me and told me she is going to miss me and that when she visits her grandma in Utah that she'll visit me too:)  So cute."

"Elder Mecham, me, Elder Bodhaine and Elder Kirk at zone conference! These are guys I'll be spending time with after the Mish for sure!"

"Elder Bodhaine and I's weekly pic."

"Cool building with red lights and a big tree!"

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