Can you believe that I have been here in England for 6 months?

Email - December 16, 2013

This last week was a good week! Elder Bognár and I set a baptismal date with a guy named R____. He has set a goal to stop smoking and drinking for his new year's resolution... and he is planning to be baptized on January 18th. He came to church yesterday and it was great!

I am so excited for this week! Tomorrow, we get to go do a session at the temple and to have lunch with missionaries all across the mission! It will be awesome! I cant wait! And next Monday, we will be going to Big Ben and Christmas caroling as a zone. I have been wrapping Books of Mormon all week to hand out while we are caroling next week! It will be sweet!

Christmas has come so fast! We set up things with Deco and we will be able to Skype at his house on Christmas! Time still not sure yet! But probably before noon for you guys.

Can you believe that I have been here in England for 6 months? I can't! Time has flown!

I got a package from Grandma and Grandpa today! But, they said I cant open it until Christmas! So, it's just been sitting under the tree all week! haha

I hope the Christmas concert was great yesterday! I wish I could have been there! Oh, and Elder Bognár's watch came! Thank you mum for sending that! You're the best!

I have been thinking about how crazy it is that so many of my friends are spending Christmas in various areas of the world! I also got thinking that one of my friends that I haven't contacted since I've been out here is Jordan Peck! I would love his email address if you guys could track it down for me please! and thank you!

So far I haven't felt too home sick this holiday season! It hasn't been too bad at all! I'm happy to be here and to be serving the Lord! But, I am very excited to be able to talk to you guys next week! I hope that my voice has changed a little'll have to let me know! Cause I can't tell here! Everyone has different accents!

I hope everything is going well at home! And that you guys are having a fun holiday season with out me!!!

Only one more holiday season to go and I'll be home! Can you believe that:?! So weird!

I love you guys! and thank you for everything that you do! I miss you guys and will let you know for sure details next week of what time I'll be Skyping you!


Love, Elder Munson
"Weekly pic! :)"

"Wrapping Books of Mormon."


"Far right...Jr, member of the ward. Guy in the middle...Jr's friend that he brought along to the Christmas party!"

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