I am growing spiritually every week.

Email - December 9, 2013

This last week was pretty good. We had President's interviews on Tuesday! And, that went really well! I love President Millar! He is literally the oldest mission president in the whole WORLD! and that's a fact! He is such a great man and I am glad to be serving with him.

Wednesday was district meeting as usual! And then Elder Bognár had District Leader training so I just chilled at the chapel for a few extra hours!

R____ blocked our number we're pretty sure. We try to call him multiple times a day but it doesn't work and he hasn't been around at where he lives either so we're not sure what is up! So sad. But, hopefully, something will happen.

We have a few other investigators. A girl named A____ and a guy named C____ and A guy named R____. They are all cool. They just don't show a lot of commitment.. They mostly just like learning about God, but they never come to church or want to be baptized any time soon! Maybe some day though!

I still love it here and love being a missionary! We actually found out this week that this zone that I'm in is the highest baptizing zone in all of EUROPE! So, that is good! Makes me feel not so bad for myself that it is a lot harder to find people in any other zone in all of Europe!

We get to go to the temple next Tuesday! I cant wait! I miss the temple so much, so that will be sweet to go through with other missionaries around the mission!

I'm not sure where I'll be Skyping yet! Probably Deco's house. We talked about it yesterday, but I'll let you guys know for sure when I know!

I love this time of year! But, it makes me miss home a lot! But, I know I am where I am supposed to be! And, what better place to be than London for Christmas right?! Ah, so sick!

I miss you guys and I love you so much! Thank you for all the support and love and prayers! I am growing spiritually every week. I love this Gospel! I love being a missionary and sharing this message with everyone and I'm having so much fun while doing it! It's always good to do something that you love!

I hope all is well back home and that you are surviving in the cold and the snow! Ha ha. I can't wait till we get some snow!

Love, Elder Munson!
"The sky the other morning."

"The guy with out the badge is Freencky Portias, our ward mission leader. He just got off his mission a few months ago from Utah."

 "After a hard day's work.. haha!"

 "Sidney's last Sunday in London!
Sad day.. haha.  Gave her a hand shake and a hand hug before she left . :)"
"Me and Elder Bodhaine obviously."

"Isabel got me sweet cuff links for Christmas!"

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