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Email - October 21, 2013

"Check this road out."

"Youth in the Catford Ward."

"CATford Centre...get it?  Ha ha."

"View from Lewisham Station."

"Ok so I met Elder Mecham for the first time at Zone Conference on Thursday and he is the coolest kid and we have so much in common. Everyone was already saying that we look like twins, then we started talking and we are like exactly the same person. He played football, and likes to longboard, and he loves Hoodie Allen and it is so funny talking with him. He's hilarious. Which must mean I'm hilarious! ;)"

"Elder Hales and Elder Sparks.  The PG clan.
I went to high school with both of these guys!"

"Elder Bodhaine and Pullman!  Remember Pullman from the MTC?!?!"

"Elder Jackman (the one from Lehi that came over for dinner), Elder Bodhaine,
Elder Blumenthal, and Elder Mecham.  Ha ha.  
Funniest group of missionaries around."

"Cutest baby in the world!"

[I replied that this looked like a "Lion King" moment.  Pretty sure that's what they were going for.  ;)]

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