October is like half way over!

Email - October 14, 2013

Wow, so my first full week in London was so good! I love it so much and it is nuts. The city life is crazy and very tiring. I feel like I'm getting half the sleep that I got during the first few months of my mission. But it's ok because it's the best. Elder Bodhaine and I are so happy to be in the same zone we seriously are so much alike it cracks me up. I love that kid. Working with Elder Bognár is good! His English isn't perfect and sometimes I get frustrated for him because he can't express himself the way he wants to in English, so it's hard sometimes when he is trying to say something that he doesn't know how to say in English. But, the other night we were contacting in a park in London and we ran into a Hungarian lady and Elder Bognár got so excited, and he taught her like the full Restoration lesson in Hungarian and I just sat there and played in the park with the lady's 8 year old son. Haha it was funny.

People in London are crazy. We get yelled at or sworn at basically daily. This kid two days ago was trying to start something on the bus and I was so close to hitting him... so, we just got off the bus like 4 stops earlier than we needed to. But, I didn't care... gall some people are just so stupid. This Jamaican guy earlier in the week walked by us while we were telling a lady about the Book of Mormon on the street and started yelling at us, "BURN FALSE RELIGION! BURN BURN BURN!!" Haha it was so dumb, but so funny.

Anyway, We are not the only Elders in this ward. Like I said, we live with Elder Blumenthal and Elder Fairbourn and they work in the same area as us. Elder Blumenthal and I get along really really well and he's hilarious.

Thank you for the blog print offs of all those guys. It was so good to see how everyone is doing. [I printed and sent him some posts from some of his friends'/fellow missionaries' blogs. They are serving all over the world -- Honduras, Russia, Japan, Philippines.]

I cant believe October is like half way over! It's nuts.

We have Zone Conference on Thursday! And since I'm in a new zone now, maybe I'll be able to see some of my MTC friends that I haven't seen since the MTC, like Elder Pullman! Cause multiple zones go to the same Zone Conference together!

I love and miss you guys! Thank you for everything!

I absolutely know that this is the Lord's work and I love it so much! Missionary work is the funnest most life molding thing I've ever done!

Have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Munson

"Me and Elder Hanks.  He's from Holiday.
He went to Cottonwood. Super cool guy."

"Elder Blumenthal thinkin' he's Batman."

"It was proper cold this night."

"Massage train.  Elder Blumenthal is slackin' on the back end there though."

"Went bowling for P Day last week with most of the Zone!"

"Elder Bognár and I bowling."

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