First Transfer

Email - October 7, 2013

Wow wow wow! I FREAKING LOVE LONDON. It is so crazy! And busy but it's the best ever. 

My new companion is Elder Bognár from Hungary! Holy, he's the best. I love him and we get along so well! Traveling to London was such a pain! So many luggage bags and such moving them from train to train and bus to bus was so funny. But, we made it finally. We live in Lewisham, London, and we live with two other elders, Elder Blumenthal from Vegas, and Elder Fairbourn from Utah...we met him in the airport in SLC. But, they are great! My zone is awesome as well! Elder Bodhaine is in the Zone and he and I knew each other through mutual friends before coming out and he and I were best friends in the MTC, and we caused so much havoc and now we're at it again.. haha he's so funny. 

Anyway... I just love where I am at right now.

Being in London almost feels like I'm in Sawyer's mission... 90% of the people are Jamaican or some sort of African background.. it's crazy! But, they are way more willing to talk to us than British people are so it's great! 

I haven't got to meet the ward yet because of Conference! But, from the few that I have met, they are great!

Conference was so good. Saturday night we watched the Saturday morning session. Then Sunday morning, we watched the Priesthood session...then the Saturday afternoon session, and then the Sunday morning session live! So, it was an amazing day of listening and learning. And, I actually think I only fell asleep once!...Elder Richard G. Scott just has that effect on me... hahaha. But, my favorite talks were Elder Holland's and President Monson's final talk from the Sunday morning session. Gall, he loved his wife so much and it was so cool to hear him talk about that trial.

I seriously have had the best week of my entire mission and I can't wait to continue the work here! I love London and I'm excited to see how things go! Oh yeah, my new address is:

9 Highland Terrace
Algernon Road
London, SE13 7AB

Things here are going great. It is so fun having a companion who will talk to people and is outgoing and such! Elder Blumenthal and I get along super good as well! And, he was a Supernatural fan as well so we are always talking about it! It's so funny!

Anyway, I miss you all and love you! I have never been more excited to be somewhere in my life! The London life is nuts and tiring but do I care? NO! I love it! Haha, have a great week!

Love, Elder Munson

 "Me and Elder Bognar."

"All the MTC homies at transfer meeting...Elder Cullimore,
Elder Hammond, me, Elder Bodhaine, Elder Kirk, Elder Clark."

"Me and Elder Bodhaine."

"Sister Green and Sister Stewart from my MTC District."

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  1. Great pictures !

    We posted the Group Shot rather prominently on the LDS Missionaries page.