This week was great!

Email - October 27, 2014

Ok, so many things happen every week! There are a lot of things left out in every email, I'm sure. But, I'm doing my best! haha

First of all, no I'm not officially a driver yet unfortunately. The instructor moved my date again. Ah so frustrating. I really need to get it before Elder Popa leaves.

Those videos of Tanner are hilarious! He is so funny.  And, the bandage that he has to wear on his head makes it so much better. 

This week was great! Abdul, our recent convert, passed the Sacrament for the first time yesterday! THAT WAS AMAZING. He also came out teaching with us earlier in the week! He is doing really well! 

Elder Popa and I have been trying to do as much work as possible in a village in our area called Twyford. It' really nice there with a lot of nice people so things are looking good. But, yesterday we were there after church doing some street contacting before we went to a dinner appointment... and we came across this born again, British guy named P____ who said he knew a lot about our church and that he had even been to it to do some family history research. It was interesting. Anyway, long story short.. he starts talking about the temple and what goes on in the temple and how he knows "everything." He has watched temple ceremonies on YouTube and studied all the church AND anti stuff in the world! haha This guy really thought he knew a lot about Joseph Smith and the Bible and such. He was pulling out all the big guns and the supposedly "offensive" stuff to Mormons. haha Elder Popa and I were trying to speak with him nicely in a normal conversation, but this guy would not stop talking and taking hits at the Church. So, we stopped being so nice. We pulled out Bible verses back at him and confounded him and rebuked him and told him that he didn't know who Christ was...well, Elder Popa said that part. It was kinda brutal looking back at it. He was taken aback that we were able to come back at him with using only the New Testament and not referring only to the fact of the normal "the Church is true" points, and he was like, "why don't all Mormons actually answer questions using the scriptures, and not just Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon" hah He made some good points that our Church can look really robotic when you hear EVERY SINGLE person say the usual..."I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet," and, "I know the B.O.M is true," and all that stuff. That was what he was expecting us to say back to him. But, because we responded the way we did, he started being really nice to us and gave us his number and address and wants us over for dinner next week so that we can talk further! Hahahahaha!!! This guy I don't think will join the Church anytime soon, but it was good that he realized we're not just brainwashed weirdos that say we know Joseph Smith was a prophet just cause we were taught that since we were little kids. 

The bottom line is that Jesus is our Saviour. Yes, prophets and the Book of Mormon are important, but nothing will ever compare to the infinite atonement and love from our Saviour, and the full truth about him, and how to be like him can only be found in our Church, and that is just a pure fact.

I can't believe that October ends this week! WHAT THE HECK!? Then November will be here and that means that Elder Popa goes home soon. :( Ah! I'm nervous for getting a new companion! 

I love you guys! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! Things are going well and I love the gospel! Couldn't ask for anything more right now! 

Love, Elder Munson
"The streets of Reading."

"This is the car park for our flat."

"Had exchange with the APs earlier this week."

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