Email - October 6, 2014

WOW! What a week of college football?! That is brutal for 14-19! That is going to go down in history! Ahhh...where in the world did Miss St come from!? Ahhaha nice.

I'm super glad that dad was able to talk with Sawyer for a while on Friday night! He emailed me and said that he was super happy to be able to talk to him and catch up! Sideline hook ups! ;)

Anyway! Yeah, this week is going to be crazy...may not be able to email much today but hopefully Wednesday I will be able to again! 

Oh my days, how about Conference this weekend!? It was amazing. I learned so much! Honestly, I don't even know if I could narrow it down to my favourite talks. I loved Elder Cook's from the Priesthood session, ah so much! That was amazing. Also, Elder Holland's talk OF COURSE! He is so powerful...and President Monson's talk to close the Sunday morning session. Oh, and also President Uchtdorf's from the Priesthood session was nice! And Tad R. Callister's was great! It was all just amazing! Oh, and how about the prayer from Elder Dube of the Seventy?! hahaha SUCH A BOSS! Representing Africa!!! hahaha We love him. 

We have been engaged in so much service - it's been awesome. Nearly everyday we are serving either a ward member or an investigator.. 

But, one service project went a little haywire on Thursday...and it was just nuts! But, I'll have to explain the whole thing on Thursday hopefully when I have more time!

So, Sister West goes home today which is nuts! Elder Popa and I have to drive down to the Portsmouth Zone to pick up some sisters who are going home. So, I will be able to see Sister West at the temple today and I am excited about that! 

Ah, I love this gospel and being a missionary! I just can't believe how fast time is flying?! Have I really been with Elder Popa for a full transfer?!

I love all of you and I am so grateful for all that you do for me and the support that I feel from you! 

Love, Elder Skyler Munson! 

"Doing some service."

"Oh, and I got a grill!"

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